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If the present war has brought home any truth to the majority of thinking men and women, it is certainly this, that the state of Europe and of the world in general, is one of international anarchy, which no treaties or Hague conferences have been suffici├źnt to palliate; and that its continuation, after the war, if an old-fashioned Peace shall have been concluded, will be certain, and disastrous to Europe in particular and to Western civilisation in general, which it will, eventually, destroy. If this destruction is feit to be undesirable for the welfare of Mankind, ways and means will have to be found to prevent it. They can only be found if all the States of Europe, and possibly the British self-governing colonies outside of Europe, and the United States of North America combine in unifying their interests.

In order to arriv├ę at this result, we shall have to start with the Union of Europe, for this Union by itself would be so powerful, that all the other States would find it their interest to join them of their own accord.