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It will be quite hopeless to expect the Union of Europe, unless, somehow, Germany and Austria are forced to disarm. We cannot for reasons explained in previous chapters, take any other point of view. But if the Entente powers were to propose the Union of Europe and an international army as a solution of the present crisis, it would be the duty of all the neutral powers to join them.

When making ourselves familiar with the conception of the United States of Europe, we should at once dismiss the idea that this Union could possibly be similar to the United States of North America, for although to all intents and purposes, European civilisation is one and undividable, sothat it is very difficult to „assess the contribution of each nation to the tot al fund of Western knowle dge'', the national idiosyncrasies of each race or State are so strongly marked, that it would be quite impossiile for them all to be merged into one State.

Neither would it be desirable to bring this about, for diversity, and not uniformity is in the nature of things, and, especially in regardto nationalities, this diversity will assert itself against all obstacles.

Moreover, just as much as a certain amount of personal pride and self-assertion are indispensible for the well-being of the individual, patriotism if kept within certain limits, is highly desirable for every separate nationality. Patriotism tends to produce, by joint effort, by personal devotion, by