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tion. The Poles, who have been the pitiable victims of the rapacity of their more powerful neighbours for centuries, should once more be liberated and be allowed to develop all the splendid qualities of their national genius, which has never ceased to assert itself. The help which, in 1683, the Poles, headed by Sobieski rendered to Austria, when the Habsburg Emperor, instead of doing his duty, fled from Vienna, in mortal fear of the Turks, by itself is sufficiƫnt to prove Poland's eternal claim to Europe's gratitude. But for the Poles, Vienna and Austria v/ould have fallen victims to Turkish barbarism, and history wouldhave taken an entirely different course. But instead of earning gratitude, the talented and gifted Poles have been decried as a worthless and politically incapable nation, not worthy of a better fate than being an oppressed and subject race. During the present war this unfortunate people, divided over Austria, Germany and Russia, are forced to the heart-breaking task of fighting their own brothers, who speak their own language and have the same religion. If Western civilisation ever had reason to hide her face for very shame and disgust at an inhuman spectacle, it is here; of all the infernal atrocities of "Real-Politik" which the war has exposed in all its revolting ugliness, Poland, noless than Belgium, is the innocent victim. And not until Mankind, instead of invoking a powerless, because unthinkable Heaven, will recognise its own Soul as the supreme and all-powerful