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become a separate entity, owing no allegiance to any of the others, and the kings of Prussia will have to relinquish the imperial crown, which will have to be a thing of a romantic but regrettable past.

The Germans, in the United States of Europe, will have the same opportunity for asserting their national existence as any other race. There is no reason whatever, to think that they will produce fewer thinkers, fewer men of learning, fewer artists, than before Prussian domination perverted their innate characteristics.

It may be argued.that a divided and politicallypowerless Germany would make too weak a screen against Moscovite ambitions, or against the ambitions of any other state, which today may appear harmiess, but which may at any future time suddenly be caught by that craze of conquest which we know to be an endemic disease of live nations.

But in the United States of Europe, a Union of independant States, treating all their foreign affairs in an International Parliament, and policed by an International Army, such out breaks would be impossible, if the Union of Europe could be brought about on the lines to be presently explained.

Apart from this, however, we should not lose sight of the fact, that Russia is gradually developing into a constitutional State, and that the decentralisation recommended above, is pleaded by many influential and prominent Russians whose voice may carry much more weight af ter the war than before it.