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2. The 5 members representing each State must be appointed by the chosen representatives of the people from their midst. They receive fixed salaries which are uniform for them all. The salaries must be such that persons who are not possessed of private means are not excluded, but can live in a way consistent with their dignity.

3. The State shall not conclude any treaty with an extra-European State without submitting it tothe International Parliament for its approval and publication. Secret treaties or clauses are void. All existing treaaies must be submitted to the International Parliament and will be void unless rafitied by it.

4. The State maintains no armed force by land or by sea or river of a greater strength than that which is required for the maintenance of order within its territory. The total may not exceed one per thousand of the population.

5. In its possessions or colonies outside Europe the State shall maintain no armed force beyond that which it employs at present. If the State desires to extend that force, the approval of International Parliament will be required.

6. The State shall manufacture no arms orwarmaterial of any kind, nor allow the manufacture or import of them, either within its territory or within its colonies or possessions outside Europe, except by the express permission and under the strict control of the International Executive Council.