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In England, where no written constitution exists, these articles may take the shape of special Acts of Parliament.

The conclusion of the Peace which is bound to be the outcome of the present war, will afford the best possible occasion for the constructive work of creating the constitution of the United States of Europe.

It would be a tremendous calamity if the impression were to gain ground, that this could wait until later. "Later" would be too late, and would mean more wars, more destruction and the downfall of Western civilisation. I must admit that when the downfall came, it would be fully deserved and that it would be quite the best thing that could happen to the rest of Mankind.

Evidently, if Peace is to bring us the United States of Europe, it will be necessary to convene not only the belligerents (') but also all the neutral States of Europe and the United States of North America, to a Congress where the damage done by Germany and Austria in Belgium, the North of France, Poland and Servia may be assessed and the two Germanic Powers, theirguilt of ha ving beentheaggressorsbeingestablished, will be condemned to pay an immense sum to the victors, possibly several millards Sterling. Some readers will consider this phantastic, but when it is remembered that France had to pay 200 millions Sterling nearly half a century ago, and that the fighting armies are much more than ten times as large as in

(*) Including the British self-governing colonies.