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will play a decisive role in the shaping of future States in Europe, will be accepted, and that in doubtful cases option will be allowed, possibly by plebiscite. It is futile, at present, to speculate as to possibilities in this respect, but we may at once make ourselves familiar with the principle that Poland and Finland will obtain autonomy in some shape or form, as already stated; that the future of Alsace Lorraine should be decided by the population of those provinces themselves, whose desires and inclinations alone can guide the decisions of the Congress, and that, wherever possible, a generous measure of local self-govemment will be one of the guiding principles of the Congress.

As to Belgium, she will have to be indemnified in every conceivable manner. For every picture, for every book stolen or destroyed at Louvain and in the other unfortunate cities of that fair land, a picture or a book will have to be supplied from German collections.