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themselves against themselves. In this way alone can we hope that States will be less like blind and deaf natural phenomena, possessing as little notion of morality as an earthquake or a whale.

In order to elucidate the composition of the International Army, as we would propose it, we will take as examples, Holland, as one of the smallest, and Russia as one of the largest of European States and we will assume that in each country the International Army will, as to one quarter part, consist of men of the nationality of that country, the other three quarters being made up of the other nationalities.

For Holland, then, we would arrivé at the following numbers:

16.250 Hollanders 13.800 Russians 7.800 Germans. 6.000 Austro-Hungarians 5.040 Britishers. 4.680 French. 4.010 Italians. 2.280 Spaniards. 900 Belgians. 720 Roumanians. 720 Portuguese. 2.800 other nationalities.

Total 65.000 men.