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and for Russia:

278.000 Russians.

180.700 Germans.

139.000 Austro-Hungarians. 116.760 Britishers.

108.420 French. 94.520 Italians. 52.820 Spaniards. 20.850 Belgians. 18.070 Hollanders. 16.680 Roumanians. 16.680 Portuguese. 71.750 other nationalities.

Total 1.115.000 men.

In each country, therefore, the national element would be so much in the minority, that not a single nation could oppose the decrees of International Parliament, provided, however,that the International Army, represented by a General Staff in each country, will be the sole armed and organised force (local Police being excepted) and that the manufacturing and the sale of all war-material, and of aircraft will be under its control, and will be regulated by International Law. The Army would not owe obedience to any power except to International Parliament,to which each individual soldier would have to swear allegiance. The