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society; an immense amount of international prejudice would disappear; the knowledge of languages, international intercourse and commerce would increase enormously.

In order to make it impossible for the populace to distinguish nationalities, which would be dangerous in times of riot or of international friction or intrigue, there must be no difference in uniform.

Each batallion of iooo men should consist as much as possible of a great variety of nationalities, and even in companies this principle should be adopted as much as possible. This is absolutely necessary in order to render conspiracies impossible or easily exposed. Only the small and unaggressive nationalities like the Swiss, Dutch and Scandinavians may be allowed to form entire companies. But after all we have seen of the spirit of German nationality, and of its aggressive fanaticism, German soldiers should be treated with a certain amount of misgiving; and it would probably be desirable not to allow to Germany the same percentage of international soldiers as to the other nationalities, until their feelings can be more fully trusted.

The question regarding the language of command will certainly form a very serious difficulty. We do not believe much in international languages made to order, like Volap√ľk or Esperanto. There is, however, a language which for many centuries has been international : viz. Latin, the use of which would not hurt the national feelings of any country or contingent. It