Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

would no doubt be easily adaptable for military command and for official documents. If Latin is considered impracticable, English, Spanish and French would have about equal rights. German, on account of its difficult grammar and the length of the words, like Dutch, would be out of the question. The same, I suppose,wouldapply toRussianwith itsintricategrammar.But once the nations of the civilised world could be got so far as to recognise their common interests, the question of language could never stand in the way.

In avoiding too low a limit of age, international marriages and tourism would be much increased. For immeasurably more people than at present this rich and splendid world, which fools have partly transf ormed into a Heil, would be open.

The level of the Army should be kept as high as possible, and the service should be so organised that every man would consider it an honour to be able to enlist, and that parents would look upon serving in the International Army as an excellent "finishing touch" to the education fo their sons. In this way hundreds of thousands will serve without pay and will provide their own outfit. For those who do not possess private means the State will have to provide. Large numbers of the less well educated classes may be enlisted by way of reward for particular merit.

We shall of course have to reckon with the "vested interests" of the military caste, especially in so far as these interests are represented by the nobility. It