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would certainly be very dangerous to appoint Dukes and Princes and Counts etc. over regiments of their own nationality. We do not for a moment wish to say anything derisive or deprecating about titled persons generally. For all we know, the majority of them may be the best people in the world, and men of the greatest possible merit. From their midst very of ten the cleverest Statesmen and diplomats are recruited; although I am not certain that the men who are wounded or maimed in the present war will look upon this as a particular merit. But here again, as in the case of large States, the nobility is there, and we have to reckon with it, and make the best of it. We have, however, to keep the mob within certain limits and we have to protect it against its own inherited propensity to adore Dukes, Princes, etc. who may be their landlords and before whom, poor creatures, they are almost sure to start automatically bowing and shouting patriotic and aggressive phrases in all sorts of languages: German, Russian, Hungarian, Slavonic, Ruthenic etc. It is a well-known saying, in England.that an Englishman "dearly loves a Lord". If that is said of free Britons, what will be the mental attitude of those nations who still recognise feudal rights instead of looking upon them as a forgotten thing of the past ? I do not say that feudalism and all that sort of thing is so very despicable. I dare say that in a country where the people, or a part of them, are sufficiently simple-minded or amiable, or stupid, or possess a