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II. An Alternative Solution.

We are quite ready to admit that the proposition to let the International Army be formed by all the nations of Europe combined, may not be practicable in our time, especially because Germany and her unlimited ambitions will stand in the way, if peace is concluded bef ore the Teut ons have been thoroughly vanquished.

We have put the proposition forward, nevertheless, as a matter of principle, because we believe that in writing about International affairs it is imperatively necessary to aim high. It is, certainly, the easiest thing in the world to say that all these propositions are utopian and hyper-idealistic. Any fooi can do that. There is not a single achievement among the endless number of human endeavours for the betterment of humanity's fate on this planet which was not, at its inception, ridiculed as utopian. If you hear what cynics say about Internationalism in politics, and about ideas like those set forth in this little book, you will but hear repetitions of phrases of some centuries or generations ago, when the idealists of yore were laughed and ridiculed out of court.

But for those idealists, dear reader, you would at any moment be liable to have some ferocious chieftain's acolytes open your door, lift you from your bed and hang you for not saying your prayers in the way he ordered, or put you to the torture at some malicious