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enemy's behest. But for those ridiculous idealists, you might still be a serf, walking about with a rope round your neck, always ready for being strung up on the nearest tree by order of your Landlord, for some paltry offense. But for those ridiculous utopians, in short, neither your life, nor your property nor your wife's and children's lives would be safe for a moment.

It is very easy, too, to declare that wars between nations are in the nature of things; that it is no use trying to do away with them, and that War is simply a fact one has to put up with. But thè entire History of Civilisation is one continued and determined refusal to put up with facts of that sort. In the past some very ridiculous idealists and fools declined to be at the mercy of gangs of scoundrels, who called themselves the masters of the land and who could hang anybody they liked. The foolish idealists strung them up by their own ropes and so got rid of them. Other poor fools declined to put up with plague and pestilence and they invented means to wipe them out.

It has been held that in order to abolish war, human nature has to be altered. But would anybody be ready to declare that since torture, slavery and serfdom have been abolished, since religious liberty has been proclaimed, since famine and plague have become obsolete and rare, human nature has changed? One might as well say that Gravitation has changed.

That the ideals of one generation become commonplace realities of the next, is too often overlooked.