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Again, there is quite a sufficiƫnt number of persons, who, from mental laziness, or from bitterness, or cynicism, or from a combination of all these, declare that it is hopeless to try and improve the world. We may leave them to enjoy whatever anaesthetics they may derive from antiquated religious beliefs, or from a devotion to modern art which has no moral background.

For all that, whilst not losing sight of our ideal solution, it may, for the present, be advisable to turn to the next best way out of the difficulty.

We have, quite recently, seen England and France arranging a combination of financial operations in the money market of the U. S., which is, like everything else in this war, without precedent. We have witnessed England granting financial support to her Allies in a way which suggests the closest and most intimate International relations that can be imagined. We are, daily, recording the most remarkable co-operation of heterogeneous military forces of all time, when we record the battles fought by the Allies to carry out one great strategical aim. We are, in fact, witnessing, under our very eyes, (l) the formation of that very International Army, which hitherto only existed in the

(') ln this case we have to record a gradual development from the complicated to the simple, from diversity to unity, in the face of common 1langer. In Holland, when the dykes break, even the most quarrelsome neighbours co-operate in repairing them. They are brothcrs even though they cordially detest each other. They have got to recognize the Brotherhood of Man, if they would avoid ruin.