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evident satisfaction, recently reported a statesman to have declared that the nations, who now fight side by side, may well be opponents in the next conflict. We know that no treaty or agreement whatsoever can avert conflicts, as long as there is no International Army to keep order. It should certainly not be assumed, for a moment, that Germany and Austria, whatever the outcome of the present war may be, will be satisfied with isolation in the world.

It is quite true, that ever since the battles of the Aisne and the Yser a victorious Germany, which would be the paramount power in Europe, is unthinkable. Next to being completely vanquished, the best the Teutons may hope for, is a compromise. But even this, as long as public opinion in France and in Enggland and Russia remains what it is, appears only possible as a result of a financial and economie debacle in the British Empire and the Allied countries. However, we may have to assume that Germany and Austria will remain Great Powers, either combined on separately. This will mean a standing threat to Europe and to Civilisation.

We would, therefore, suggest, that Great Britain, the British Dominions, France, Russia and Italy, now that they have solemnly declared that they will not conclude a separate peace with Germany and her Allies, should go a step further. They should, as a matter of principle, agree to mutual territorial occupation after the war. They should at once inform all the Pow-