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neutral holland.

Many things which are said in this little volume have no doubt been said before, or thought before, by others. We are all children of our time, and whether we will or not, our acts and our thoughts have to move along with it. They are like the warp, ceaselessly moving on the endless woof of time. But through the varied pattern which relentless History weaves, runs one distinct line, which is always visible. It has the colour of blood, human blood, spilt for the Great Cau-

se of Mankind.

The manhood of the Allies is sacrificing itself in the

service of that Cause.

Citizens of neutral countries, like the present author, hold their breath in respect and awe.

The attitude and position of Holland, my native country, I have tried to define in the following article, which I contributed to one of the large daily papers in London last June:

When the present Liberal Ministry came to power in Holland barely three years ago, after the defeat of the Calvinistic-Roman Catholic Coalition, neither they nor the nation expected that the task entristed to them would, in 1914, assume the weight of an almost crushing responsibility.