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I can give details about the Gargï-Samhita, as I happen to have at m\ disposal a part of this extremely rare work. The copy is onlv a fragment, the first 41 leaves being lost and the manuscript not going beyond leaf 91, where it abruptly ends. It contains nearly half the number of the chapters contained in the Brhat-Samhita, under the same or synonymous titles, as grahayuddham, grahagrngatakam, puspalatah, indradhvajocchraj'a, naralaksanam, strïlaksanam, gajalaksanam, kürmalaksanam, mayüracitrakam, ulkalaksanam, sandhyalaksanam, etc. The title of the work, as given at the end of each chapter, is generally iti Vrddha-Gargïye or Vrddha-Gargïyayam Jyotisasamhitayam, sometimes iti Gargïye Jyotise, and at leaf 78, a, Vrddha-Gargi (sic) tantre Samvatsarasütram samapta ceyam Gargïsamhita, then follows a Mayüracitrakam (a different chapter of the same name havmg preceded already) in several sub-divisions with a particular numbei, but without a particular name for each sub-division; the title of the book to which this second Mayüracitrakam belongs, as given at the end of each sub-division, is: iti Vrddha-Gargïye jyotih^astre.

These particulars are necessary for the following reason: Varaha-mihira mentions Garga several times, and inserts even whole glokas in his own work; Utpala's quotations amount to more than two hundred glokas; now those quotations recur in my copy of the Gargï Samhita, not all, of course, for the copy is only a fragment, but as some eighty glokas have been verified, it suffices to show, that wherever Varaha-mihira and his commentator say simply Garga, they mean this work. We have seen that the full title exhibits the epithet Vrddha, and in the work itself, as well as in the verses quoted by Utpala, he is as often called Vrddha Garga, as simph Garga, e.g.

Asïnam Himavatpargve Vrddha-Gargam mahamunim |

Krostukih paripapraccha vinayat sam^itavratam ||

and without the epithet:

Vinayad upasamgamya Gargam Krostukir abravït |

Thus it is manifest that by Garga and Vrddha-Garga the same mythical person is meant; but the case is different in regard to the works which are quoted under the name of Garga and Vrddha-Garga, respectively. This does not appear from the Brhat-Samhita, where Vrddha-Garga occurs twice 1 and no verses are quoted, but from quotations in Utpala's commentary. More than once the opinion of Vrddha-Garga is set against that of Garga; e.g. when at the beginning of Chap. XXXI. of Brh. Samh. the dis-

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