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an essay of an edition, rather than an edition which would require but few occasional corrections from future editors. The bad condition of the MSS. is so bewildering, the great number of the subjects treated of is so distracting, the class of works to which the Samhita belongs, is so little explored, that, it is hoped, a large allowance will be made for the difficulties I had to cope with. After all, Varaha-mihira's work is so interesting that the shortcomings of the editor cannot rob it of its value.

I cannot conclude without offering my sincere thanks to Prof. E. B. Cowell who was not only instrumental in furthering the publishing of the work, but, with his well-known kindness, furnished me with MSS. from Calcutta.

Nor must I omit to say that I owe the first hint of editing Varaha-mihira to my honoured friend Prof. A. VVeber. If the Brhat-Samhita proves a useful addition to the store of Sanskrit literature, Sanskrit scholars will, therefore, have to thank him in the first place. Had it not been for his suggestion, it would, perhaps, never have been undertaken, and but for his steadfast encouragement, it would certainly never have been brought to a close.

Benares, 23rd March, 1865.