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Bijlage 17.

Modellen van contracten bij den verkoop van oculatiehout in de rubbercultuur.


zooals door een onderneming in Malakka, volgens „De Bergcultures" (1930, I, p. 272) aan koopers van oculatiehout wordt


We have this day sold to you Budwood material from our

Estate, particulars of which are contained on the schedule hereto, at S .... per yard on Estate upon the following terms and conditions:

Place of delivery: at

Mode & time of delivery: As and when required on previous notice

in writing.

Payment: In cash for the amount of each delivery.

Conditions: 1. That the budwood material supplied to

you by ........ Estate as specified in

the schedule will be used only on Estates

belonging to — and that

your Company

neither this material nor any buds which may be multiplied from it, nor stumps budded with it, will be given or sold by

you , ...

your Company l° °thefS Wlthm a penod of three years from the date the material is supplied.

2. That you will not give or sell at any

later date, as being of origin,

multiplications from the budwood material as specified in the schedule.

3. That for any breach of either or both

of the above conditions you pay by way

of liquidated damages and not by way

of penalty the sum of $ 1/— per bud

_ , , , with a minimum of $ 5.000/—.


Clone No

No. of yards

Estimated No. of buds


_. Agents


I hereby confirm this contract and agree to abide by the conditions.

Dated this day of 19....