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Milton in Holland

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political opinions. To the royalists he was a regicide; to those who, wXut being- royalistic were oligarchie, he was a dangerous d^mocÏat N"f conïd his reügions ideas find f avourwith^the Dutch: ÜiTorfeodox section of the Dutch people, which had become formahstic could not feel interest in an indivuaUstic heretic such as mton Even to the unorthodox he was

and Arianism - he had all the heresies. Further ^tch ^tnre was such that Milton in a sense was superfluous ^ Vondel toe Sutch peoSe possessed a poet who was not inferior to MUton in ooeutJSus and who resemblèd him much in the nature of bis suWects Mdes, the orthodox part of the nation was already surH 2d withtiblical epics, and Milton's Paradise Lost sumed against the niks that had been established for this kind of poetry. Lastly, toe bold imaginativeness of Paradise Lost was not in harmony with r the matter-of-fact mind of the people. i .-„«,♦ Qn fpii

In short the seed, so f ar as it can be said to have fallen at all, feil on barrX soü 4; proper sphere did not exist in Holland for the pSoof Milton. ft was either actively £ passively indifferent - and in this case, very evidently, they that were not with him, were against him.

7 The attitude of the Dutch towards, MUton. J^^^lStontt^ as 1812 Willem * ™

Lost. ^^;t(ÏÏÏÏMn* Schepping (1866), which

~ï -oyed«—'populanty

to HoUand than MUton's Paradise Lost ever did.