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England; for here in London it was that he, who had once begun so unpromisingly as to speak of Schiller as geen poëet , lived to make triumphant amends by grasping the hand of Macpherson, by going back with Percy to the Middle Ages and so coming to stand closer to the old spirit of balladry than ever he could have done through his own merely patriotic effusions. Only the genius of Scott eluded him here; but soon, in pupils of his very style and method like Van Lennep and Beets, was to be reincarnated as finely as ever in the Netherlands all that the Romantic baronet of Abbotsford best represented in poetry. With this and other British associations in mind, therefore, it is no needless and revolutionary change that would cease paying what has often been no more than empty lip-service to sententious works like "De Ziekte der Geleerden", "De Ondergang der Eerste Wereld", the "Napoleon" ode, "De Dood van CEdipus", and with more genuine satisfaction award the palm instead to vital, unlaboured productions like "Fingal", "Graaf Floris de Vierde , "De Vloek van 't Burchtslot Moy", and (though I dare not insist quite so much about this) "De Kunst der Poëzie".