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itself too — the unconscious (resp. preconscious) desires, tendencies and endavours of the child are exposed.

4. Considering the concealing-psychisms it is possible to derive from the manifest play the latent one, that is very closely associated with the conflictssituation in which the child finds itself.

5. As well as dream-analysis play-analysis is possible.

6. The directions for a play-technique suggested by M e I a n i e Klein are in the main correct.

7. The play-analysis as a form of psychotherapeutics proved to be of good service in the treatment of childern with neurotic symptoms.

8. With weekly play-analyses satisfactory therapeutic results can be obtained.

9. In opposition to the opinion of A n n a F r e u d, the young child too comes to a so-called

10. Therefore it is necessary, that the psychotherapeutist abstains himself from pedagogical influence with respect to the child.


12. It deserves recommandation to use for these childern instead of spoken cloarances, p I a y e d ones. The value of these needs still to be tested.

13. Oedipal tendencies may already manifest themselves long before the third year.

14. The formation of the Super-Ego-function also begins much earlier than is generaly supposed.

11. Spoken

are not understood by young