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The Achehnese

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by a stratagcm rendered innocuous to the sheep, but not in the same way as in Mal. and Jav.

Bhaih 8. The plandö', the frog, the iguana, the carrion, the dog, the tiger the two buffaloes, the two tigers, the elephant and the human be'in-s Bhaih 9. The plandö', the smith, the sikin (Achehnese long knife or sword), the fisherman and the eel (leujeu).

B/iaih 10. Lawsuit between the rich and the poor as to the price o the savours of the former's kitchen, in which snit the plandö' gives judgment. This tale is one of those spoken of on p. i59 above, which do not-really belong to the mouse-deer series.

Bhaih 11. The cultivator who goes a-fishing. The imprisoned snake,

ie p ando, the whale, the cocoanut monkeys and their king part similar to Jav. fa'

Bhaih 12. The té'-té' birds (Batavia: kêjit), Sulóyman (Solomon), the plandö , the herd of oxen and the black buil.

Bhaih 13. The plandö', the dogs, and the baköh-bird.

Bhaih ,4. (Continuation of ,3). The plandö', the kuë'-bird, the fishes known as the meudabah and the thö'.

lihaih 15. The plandö', the turtle and the tiger.

Bhaih 16. The plandö' and the bridge of crocodiles. (Similar in Jav)

Bhaih I;. The pIand5. the twQ oxen> the t.ger and the crocodjlcs

bhaih 18. (Continuation of 17). The two *oxen, the tiger and lus C ream. Sulóyman, the plandö' and his dream, the sugar-mill.

Bhaih 19. Alliance of all the beasts under the tiger as king and the plando as his deputy. The tiger deceived by the plandö'. This resembles m ,ts main features the story wc have numbered 7 in the Kisah Hiweuën or Nasruan adé (LIV).

Bhaih 20. The elephant in the well (quite different from its namesakc in Jav.); he is afterwards devoured by crocodiles in the river.

Bhaih 21. All the animals fish with seines under direction of the plando , the himbèës (a kind of ape) serve as sentries.

LIuu/i 72. Continuation of 21. The geureuda or griffin (which here Plays the l)art of the buta or gergasi in Jav. and Mal.), the tiger, the bear, the elephant and the plandö' (the same in Jav. and Mal.).

Bhaih 23. All the beasts converted to Islam by the plandö', gathered together in the mosque and cheated by him.

Bhath 24. The plando' cheats Nabi Sulóyman (Solomon) over the chopping of wood.