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a daughter of the Circus; and a Circus is a world in itself, existing in any land, always something apart jrom the people who live in houses. The Circus folk are the World's Gypsies; and even when the lights die out and the spangled dresses and gay horse-trappings are packed away, the Circus holds something of the gypsy mystery and thrill.

The road to Adventure is a track that every boy and girl, of every race, longs to travel. Because of the thousands of unknown friends, girls and boys and "grown-ups" in my own land of Australia, who have traveled strange roads with me, making friends with the people of my books, I have courage to bring those people to America; hoping that a new bond of kinship may be found where all the firmest bonds are made— between children.

War brings the White Races to fight side by side. To me it seems a better thing to bring into the minds of those who wül be men and women the real brotherhood of those races in peace. That is a brotherhood that distance cannot divide—all that we stand for in the Thought that links va, of honor, loyalty, kindness, and the spirit that triumphs over Life's hardest knocks. Wherever these things grow in the minds of our children we need not fear the future.

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January, 19S3.