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mustache, was, to Hugh, exactly what the face of a Circus Boss or a pirate chief should be. Hugh thrilled to think that it was he who had to greet such a man.

"Father's coming!" he piped. "But it's all right. You can stay!"

"Father hasn't seen the size of my show—nor I haven't seen the size of his paddock!" returned Big Dan.

'Til take you!" Hugh offered. He ran down the road, looking over his shoulder anxiously to make sure that he was followed. But the big man came, smiling under his mustache at his eager guide. Hugh stopped at the slip-rails.

"Will it do? There's a creek—and we've got a waterhole in the orchard."

"First-rate," approved Big Dan. "We don't often get a camp with that much shade. Have you got any stock, kid?"

"Only one horse. He's in the orchard."

"If he's never seen an elephant you'd better put him in the stable. I'll give you some feed for him if you're short." N

"I think Nugget 'ud like to see an elephant," said Hugh, protesting. "He doesn't get much fun."

"Might be too much fun for him. Some horses get heart-failure."

"I had a canary once that died of heart-failure," Hugh told him. "But Fm sure Nugget's not that kind of horse. Oh—here's Father!"

The men exchanged greetings, and the matter was