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quickly arranged. Russell went off to guard Nugget against any shock to his nerves, but finding him peacefully inspecting the elephants from the orchard corner, decided that nerves were unknown to him. Hugh, secretly relieved at being left unhampered, perched on the fence in a simmer of excitement to watch the procession file in.

It was a long-drawn-out delight. Caravan after caravan turned from the road, lurching across the grass. Their gaudy colors, the twinkling brass harness-mounts, turned the drab little field into a place of enchantment. And the great horses paced by as gently as though they never galloped round a circus-ring to please a shouting crowd, with beautiful ladies pirouetting on their broad backs. Then came the elephants, drawing the huge wheeled cages that made Hugh thrill with shuddery excitement, even though no lions were visible, and only a few muffled growls could be heard from behind the shutters. Best of all, though, were the special performing horses and ponies, ridden and led: well-bred, most of them, of every size and color; beautiful, despite being covered with the dust of their long night journey. There were eight blacks, so alike that Hugh did not see how any one could ever teil them apart: to see them made him almost ache with happiness. The men and boys who rode them, gypsylooking fellows most of them, brought the strange mysterious feeling of the Circus; but Hugh could only glance at them when the horses were there to be looked at.

It was all a marvel of drill and organization. Each caravan, each lorry, knew exactly where to go: they feil