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him back. Instinctively he knew that this man would not eat with Circus-folk in a caravan. "Proud as a highschool horse," he thought. "An' hungry, too, I'll bet, poor beggar."

Nita had no scruples.

"You come too," she said, turning great brown eyes on Russell. "There's lots of liver-an'-bacon!"

"Sorry," Russell said hastily. "I'm rather busy this morning, Nita. But Hugh may go, if it isn't too much trouble for your mother."

"She'd like him," said Nita. "She'd come an' teil you herself, only her hair isn't done yet!"

A faint exclamation was heard from the caravan. Big Dan gave a great shout of laughter.

"Then that's settled," he said. "Come along, Nita, and get introduced to Hugh."