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'World-Famous' too, only she doesn't go into the ring now; Daddy says she mustn't, 'cause she's the Owner's wife; but I know she'd like to."

"My word!" Hugh was greatly impressed. He had thought Mrs. Dan a beautiful lady, but it was a new thing to him that a mother could really be a Circusrider. "Does your father ride, too?"

"In the ring? Well, you are a silly! Owners don't ride, not after they get to be owners. Daddy s the Boss Ringmaster. He gives every one orders, an' don't they just jump, too! They're all frightened of Daddy, 'cept me."

Hugh pondered this. Mr. Peterson had seemed to him a mild man.

"He doesn't look cross," he said.

"You wait till you see Daddy getting things done in a hurry. Specially pitching camp. Then you 11 know! quoth Nita, darkly.

Hugh decided that he did not very much want to know. Big Dan might have the possibilities of fury that certainly existed in his daughter.

"Come and see the other horses," he suggested.

They went down the line, and he feasted his eyes. Horses of every color; bay, black, dappled, brown, piebald. There were four creams, so perfectly matched that he did not see how any one could teil them apart: tall, upstanding beauties, with rippling manes and tails.

"They're Daddy's liberty four," volunteered Nita.

"What's that mean?"

"Horses that do tricks in the ring without any har-