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"We could keep him easily enough—for a time, at any

rate. He could "

"Will you hold your silly tongue, woman? Give me my

coffee, I teil you! If I hear another word "

"But I want him, Daddy!"

"You!" said Big Dan, looking at his daughter in amazed wrath. "You keep out of what don't concern you,

Miss. When I want your opinion "

"I want him!" shrieked Nita. "He's a nice boy—you told Mummy you wished Eddie was as good as him with


"There, now, you be quiet, Nita, said her father. "Makin' all 'that row about a strange boy—I'm ashamed of you!"

"He isn't a strange boy. He can ride, an' he can work, an' you said he'd make a tumbler if he was trained a bit. I want him to stay with us." She dropped her voice suddenly, and flung herself on Big Dan, encircling his neck in a bear-like hug. "Daddy, you will keep him, won't you? Say you will, Daddy, darling!

"I will not," said the big man firmly.

"Then I'll yell!"

She yelled. Nothing more thorough than Nita's efforts in that direction could possibly be imagined. She shed no tears; all her energies were devoted to the production of sound. Still clinging, limpet-wise, to her father, she rent the air with shriek after shriek, her whole body quivering, her limbs stiffened. Mrs. Dan attempted to remove her—in vain. Big Dan threatened, pleaded,