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HUGH was still face-downward on his bed. There was nothing to get up for. The dread of meeting Big Dan again was too strong for him to leave the shelter of the house; even the thrill of seeing the Circus on the move was lost in that overmastering fear. His mind seemed to turn round and round, a helplessly-revolving wheel of thought. And no thought led anywhere that could help: only to deeper bewilderment. What was he to do? Wh ere could he go?

Then a hand was laid on his shoulder, and he sprang aside in terror. But it was Mrs. Dan this time, and she, at least, was still kind. He looked at her dumbly.

"Poor old chap!" she said. "You come along with me."

He shivered.

"Mr. Peterson " he stammered.

"He says you can. Did you know your Dad was goin' away, Hugh?"

"No. He never told me. He—he left a letter for me."

"Did he say where he was off to?"