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"Y TfUGH, I want to speak to you."

XJL Hugh scrambled up from the floor of the caravan obediently. He faced Mrs. Dan, who sat on the leather seat beneath the window. Her face, that yesterday had been so merry, was grave now.

"First of all—this is yours."

She handed him his father's letter, which she had found where he had dropped it in the cottage. No fine scruples had prevented Mrs. Dan from reading it, and it had not changed her opinion of John Russell. She would have welcomed with enthusiasm the chance of giving him a piece of her mind.

Mrs. Dan was sorry for Hugh, but her main emotion was that the whole thing was an uncommon nuisance. It had landed her Dan in "a proper temper," to begin with: to restore him to normal serenity would require all her tact. Then, she was by no means satisfied with the means Nita had adopted to conquer him, even though she had wanted him conquered. The adjective