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toggery, but they've got to sit up and look lively."

Hugh jumped to his feet. All along the straight yellow road ahead the Circus was bestirring itself. Flags fluttered from each caravan and covered wagon. The musicians had donned red jackets with yellow facings, and were draping scarlet bunting round their car: he could see their gleaming instruments. Every open caravan doorway showed performers in whatever scraps of finery would catch the eye. Looking back, he saw George and his two assistants flinging crimson and gold cloths over the elephants.

"Golly!" breathed Hugh.

The horses of the ring were coming back. Under Big Dan's direction a space had been left here and there between the vehicles; a few riders, with led horses, fitted themselves into each space, so that there should be no long dull line of laden cars. Hugh saw Tinker, led by a man on a huge gray mare; beside her the black pony looked like a foal. Then he shouted, for running towards them were three clowns, in full dress, their faces painted white and daubed with red circles and crescents.

"They're just to sprinkle a bit of color about," Jeff told him. "Hullo—we're to have a passenger!"

The tallest of the clowns, an enormous man with a face made up as a ridiculous baby, stopped beside them.

"Give us a hand, Jeff!"

He came up on the canvas with a spring, almost knocking Hugh over.