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Hugh turned scarlet. The clown pulled one of his curls in a friendly fashion, laughing at him—which made his face look more astonishing than ever. Hugh wriggled away, embarrassed. Then quick hoofs sounded, and he forgot all about Joey as he caught sight of the riders cantering towards them.

Indeed a pair to catch the eye—Big Dan Peterson and his daughter. The former was on his great black mare; a magnificent figure, wearing a feit hat with an enormous brim and a crimson handkerchief round his throat, flowing in long ends. Nita, riding Merrylegs, was in gold tunic and breeches, with long, shining black boots, and a little gold cap perched on one side of her black curls. She flashed a sideways smile at Hugh as they passed.

"Where are they going?" gasped Hugh.

"Oh, the Boss always rides down to run his eye over every one and everything. Not always we're honored with little Missy, though," said Micky. "Well, often as I've seen them, I don't get tired of lookin' at herself an' that pony. They say in Ireland that the Little People go ridin' at night: I do be thinkin' when I see them two that we've caught one of them unbeknownst!"

Hugh watched with all his eyes. Big Dan pulled up beside the elephants, speaking to Pazo, who, resplendent in Hussar uniform, was beside the leading driver. Then the horses wheeled, and every man became alert as the Boss rode slowly up the line, his eye missing no detail. Hugh retired modestly behind the clown, hoping he was not noticed. They passed on, the white pony, with its