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to the speaker. Then, as luck would have it, his eye feil on Hugh, standing beside him, and a new idea for a laugh came to him. Hugh found himself caught up in his powerful arms and rocked violently up and down. He kicked and struggled, and the crowd howled with joy.

"So restless!" said Joey, pathetically. "Pore little feller —such a pain! Lie still, then, ducky—did he want his bottle? There, then!"

The mouthpiece of the feeding-bottle was thrust forcibly into Hugh's mouth and held there despite his struggles. The yells of laughter from the crowd made even Big Dan look round. People were running, crowding round the lorry: shout after shout of mirth rent the air as Joey soothed and dandled his reluctant infant. Micky and Jeff assisted the effect by pretending to feel the utmost concern for the suffering one. Finally Joey laid him down with an air of despair, placed one foot on him, and wept loudly on Jeff's shoulder. A turn in the street took this moving spectacle from the gaze of the helpless citizens of Coinbar.

"You—you big bully!" gasped Hugh, furiously, struggling to his feet.

Three pairs of eyes were bent upon him in an amazement that puzzled him, even in his anger. Joey, who had been beaming, allowed his face to return to its representation of a hurt baby.

"Well, now, how wud he understand?" said Micky. "Sure, he's new."

"There wasn't no time to explain to him," said Joey.