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" 'Twas an inspiration, like. An' just about the best ever I had."

"It sure was," assented Jeff. "They'11 mob you tonight all right, Joey."

Hugh looked from one to another, bewildered. "I don't see what you wanted to make a fooi of me for," he muttered, fighting back tears.

"See here now, kid," said Jeff. "When you've been with the Circus a bit you'11 understand that the one big thing a clown wants to do is to get a laugh. It's his job."

"And a darned tough job, too," put in Joey solemnly.

"But " protested the boy.

"But—nothing. There isn't hardly a man in the lot of us that wouldn't go out of his way to help Joey here to get a new laugh. If he got a sudden idea to hang Micky or me up by our heels an' make us look like Mother's washing out on the line "

"Now that's a notion!" said Joey, eagerly.

"Don't you be so sudden," Jeff retorted. "That's only by way of illustration, like. Well, as I was sayin', Hugh, whatever can make the crowd laugh is good for the whole Circus. Why, a clown's the only man that can make the Boss himself look a fooi in the ring an' expect a rise in his wages for it. Once you've got the crowd laughing you can do anything with 'em. Now, you want to be a Circus hand, don't you?"

"Y—yes. But "

"And you've had the most amazin' bit of luck. All along of Joey's cleverness you've been part of the biggest