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laugh we've had since we started this tour. All those people"—he waved his hand towards the town—"are splitting their sides yet: an' they'11 tumble over themselves to get into the tent tonight. That's what makes the Boss purr like a pussy-cat. Do you understand now t"

Hugh thought it over. Then he had a sudden vision of himself as he must have appeared to the crowd. He grinned up at Joey.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't know, you see."

" 'Course you didn't, son. An' if you think it over for a bit you'11 realize it was as well you didn't, or you wouldn't have acted half as well. As it was, you were perfect. Question is, could you do it again in the same way, now you do know?"

"Kick like I did? You bet!" His face was eager. "Do you—do you mean you want to do it again every time?"

"Clowns try hard not to do the same thing over again every time," said Joey, in a melancholy tone. "Hard scratching it is to ring the changes too, son. But if you an' me can think up a few little details like that we'11 do nicely. It seems to me you're about the chap I've been lookin' for. I want some one I can handle easier than that little dwarft—got too many ideas of his own he has, too. Wants all the fat."

"What—to eat?" asked Hugh innocently: a question that drew mirth from his hearers.

"Fat means getting the best for himself—all the smart work an' the laughs. He won't play up to Jimmy and me, Toby won't. I tried young Eddie Pratt, but he's as stiff