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told the story, and the Boss listened with more interest than he chose to show.

"That youngster might be worth keeping an eye on," Crowe concluded. "He's the sort to go down with the crowd—pretty face an' erop of yeller curls. Good contrast to your little girl."

"Don't you put ideas into his head," said Peterson angrily. "I don't know that I'm goin' to keep him—an' if I do he's goin' to work his way up. I've seen too many curly-headed angels that got too big for their boots. You keep him working, Crowe, an' don't spare him."

"Trust me," said the other, indifferently.

Hugh had been found by Jeff, who helped him to stow his mattress and blankets in a corner of the sleeping tent. Few of the men had a mattress: it was pointed out to him that he was in luxury. Jeff took the opportunity to deliver a warning. He had seen the incident of the dropped plank, and was not pleased.

"You did it on purpose."

"I know I did. He was a beast."

"That don't matter. You've got to understand that when you're working you can't have private quarrels. 'Cause why, you belong to the Circus, an' it's the only thing that matters."

"But "

"You shut your head an' listen to me. A boy your size has got to do plenty of listening an' watching. An' mighty little talking—if he wants to stay with us, that is. What happened along of you dropping that plank?"