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had 'em out. Look here, son, I'll teil you something, just for yourself. I've got only one big idea in my head, an' that is that some day I'll own a Circus. At the present moment it's just about as likely that I'll own the moon, but I don't let that discourage me. I'm going on."

"O-oh!" said Hugh. "True? Oh—will you give me a job in your Circus, Jeff?"

The young fellow laughed, but the laugh was kind.

"My dream-Circus? Well, I might. But we've both of us got to learn all we know in this one first. And my idea is that if a fellow wants to get on, like you an' I do, we've just that one thing to stick to—that we've always got to put the Circus first. We can't have quarrels in Circus time—an' that's all the time there is, pretty near—because if you have a quarrel you're apt to hurt some one, an' that hurts the Circus. We've got to watch our chance for being a shade more useful than the next man—an' that means never grumbling or shirking, no matter whether we're tired, or hungry, or sick, or anything else. We've got to know all the time that it's our Circus: an' never do a thing that Iets our Circus down."

Hugh nodded vigorously.

"That's something like what Mrs. Peterson says."

"Mrs. Peterson put me up to thinking the way I've been telling you. She's a good friend, an' don't you forget it. Now, if we're goin' to be mates you've got to keep my ideas in your head. Think you can?"

"I'll try."