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" TrEFF!"

qJJ "Well?"

"Can I—do you think I can see the Circus?"

"Haven't you been seeing it all day?" asked Jeff, in some bewilderment.

"Oh, but—you know—tonight."

"Oh, you mean the show. Well, there isn't any reason why you shouldn't, so far as I know—except that you've had a long day."

'Tm not a bit tired," Hugh assured him, earnestly. 'Td love to see it."

"Seems a bit queer to think of one of the crew acshally wanting to," said Jeff lazily. "It'11 soon wear off, an' you'11 be glad enough of a full night's sleep when you can get it—an' that's not always, I can teil you." He thought a moment. "Might be as well if you kept out of the Boss's way. He seems to be rather queer where you're concerned."

"Where will I go?"