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mals were costly to buy and to keep, and Big Dan concentrated mainly on his lions. A eouple of chimpanzees snuggled together in one cage: in another were three little Malay bears, half asleep, next to two brown Himalayan bears. None of them showed the slightest interest in being inspected. In their larger cages the lions snored peacefully.

Spaces were roped off at the other side of the tent, a pair of fine goats tethered in one; in another four dogs of different mongrel breeds, yapping incessantly. The elephants swayed sleepily, though their little eyes were watchful. Near them a large cage held a dozen monkeys, swinging on their trapezes, clinging to the bars and begging for nuts. The boys clustered near them; these, at least, were wide-awake and amusing. The Circus hands moved about, watching closely lest any animal should be teased or offered unsuitable food. Hugh hardly recognized them, so transformed were they. No longer dirty, shabby, unkempt wanderers of the roads; he saw them—for this night, at least—smart young men in purple uniforms, faced with yellow, and purple caps, gold-banded. One touched him on the shoulder presently—he looked up and saw that it was Jeff. "You'd better not stay here, Hugh: the Boss'11 be along any minute. You slip outside and wait near the door—if he does go there he won't notice you, if you keep well back. I'll come along presently."

Hugh obeyed. Outside, everything was gay. A steady stream of people came along the street, heading for the