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carry him was no great effort for Hugh, if he would only have kept still; but as he desired to look in five places at once, he gave his bearer little repose, either of body or mind. Still, it was a cheerful proceeding: even the fact that Eddie Pratt passed by and jeered at him for being a nurse-girl in no way lessened Hugh's enjoyment. Something that had been starved seemed to have awakened in his heart with the baby touch. When you are very lonely and very young even a baby can help.

He carried him as near the horses as he dared to go, telling him their names carefully—which had a soothing effect on Lennie, who ceased to wriggle, and uttered incoherent things that Hugh interpreted as proving that he was a true child of the Circus, with a natural eye for a horse. He took him to inspect the elephants, which entranced the baby. He even showed him the interior of the Big Top, telling him that was where he would ride some day. The Crowe baby assented heartily, if unintelligibly. It was a very successful tour. Hugh's arms were aching when at length they returned to the rug, but he feit that as a baby-minder he could pass with honors. He sat down thankfully.

It was then that the alarming thing happened. Big Dan, who had been asleep, came out of his caravan, desiring to find a messenger. His roving glance, ignoring the baby, feil on Hugh.

"Hi! You!"

The boy was on his feet in an instant.

'You boy there! Go an' teil Mr. Pazo I want him!"