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HUGH came into the Big Top late one evening. It was a two-night pitch: the town they were visiting was celebrating its yearly Agricultural Show, so that a doublé crowd could reasonably be expected: even on this, the first, night the seats were almost full.

It was Hugh's custom to go in early so that he could climb to the rear seats. Tonight, however, little Lennie Crowe had been restless, and he had volunteered to look after him while his mother did her opening "turn." He waited until she ran back, a rosy, glittering figure.

"Is he asleep?—oh, good!" she said, relieved. "I thought he'd never go off. Great house tonight, Hughie. They fair yelled at me—you'd have thought I was a star!"

"Well, so you are," said Hugh, loyally.

"Me? Why, I'm an old woman! Off you go, now— thanks awfully, Hughie." She feit under the pillow of the couch for her purse. "Here's sixpence for you—buy yourself some sweets."