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THE Circus was humming with talk next morning.

Everybody knew that the dwarf clown lay in his caravan with a damaged knee, a sore head, and a worse temper than usual. The man who had been told off to look af ter him reported that lion-taming was a girl's job compared to it. The events of the night before were freely discussed, and there was much speculation as to what could be done to replace Toby.

It was not seriously considered that Hugh might be used. He had kept his head last night, but that was more luck than anything else, the hands agreed. The conclusion was, that Toby was a person who could not be replaced by any one: that Joey and Jimmy were likely to have a tough job in consequence: and that the Boss's temper would be of such a nature that any one who valued life had better keep out of his way.

Hugh heard these discussions as he went about his countless odd jobs, but he followed the advice given him by Jeff and Micky to say as little as possible. Last night