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on that black pony and her on Merrylegs. Even if ghe did most of the work he'd help it out."

"Nita doesn't need any helping," said Nita's parent, annoyed.

Well, just as you like. He'd make a good attendant for the jugglers, or in lots of acts; with his looks he'd dress up well. My idea is that he's wasted as roustabout. Anyhow, while Toby's off duty he could help out the clown-act, like he did last night."

They had turned back to the Circus. Big Dan walked for a time in silence.

"Pratt's been at me to put young Eddie on again," he said.

"Eddie? He'11 spoil any show. You ask Joey what he thinks of working with him."

"He isn't bright; but Pratt's a man I don't like to turn down."

"Well " said Crowe, expressively.

"Oh, I'll think it over." Big Dan's tone was impatient, and his second-in-command prudently said no more.

Mrs. Dan, when consulted in the seclusion of the blue caravan, had no hesitations.

"You're mad if you don't put him on. Gracious, Dan, wasn't last night enough for you?"

She paused, looking at him shrewdly.

The truth is, you've got a down on Hugh. Goodness knows why, poor child. What has he ever done to you?"

"A man's got a right to choose his own hands," said Big Dan, sullenly. "Not to be landed with strays."