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"Ah, now, you know what I mean. Goodness knows I can't teach you anything about training. But—well, if you could look less like as if he was a blackbeetle you meant to step on!"

Big Dan chuckled.

"I'll try. Well, I must get busy. Where's Nita?"

"She's with Mrs. Crowe. You might send her to me, Dan."

"I will," said her husband, departing. Nita arrived presently, breathless.

"Mummy! Is Daddy going to let him act?"

Mrs. Dan nodded twice, expressively.

"And did you ask if I could play with him?"

"When you have a husband of your own, my girl," stated her mother, "you'11 know that when you get him to do one thing he doesn't want to, it's puttin' your head into the lion's mouth to ask for two."

"Oh!" said Nita, and pondered. "I don't think I'm ever going to keep a husband. They're too much 'sponsibility!"

Hugh, staggering with a bucket of water towards the menagerie tent, heard a voice behind him. He turned with a scared face, almost dropping his load. The Boss towered over him.

"Y—yes, sir?"

"Who's that for?"

"Mr. Pazo, sir."

"Well, take it to him, an' then go an' find Joey. Teil