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IJ" IFE settled into a new routine for Jeff and Hugh. 1L^/There was a rearrangement of work, which meant that a few hands grumbled at having extra jobs—notably Eddie Pratt, who found himself under an iron discipline that admitted of no shirking, and hated Hugh as its indirect cause. Carl and Micky cheerfully shouldered Jeff's work wherever it was possible to do so, leaving him more freedom. They were keenly interested in the new turn of events: anxious that everything should go smoothly while Hugh was on trial. There was no tracé of envy in Micky's heart at Jeff's luck. He threw himself even more heartily into helping the training.

It had to be snatched just as chance offered. The top of a piled load was not an ideal spot for exercises, with the lorry bumping over ill-made roads: yet, even there, certain "cat-stretches" and balancing feats could be practiced, and they made the most of them, until their pupil became as sure-footed as a chamois. They would wake him in the dawn to go through his program on grass