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wet with the night-dew: Hugh hardly realized how, later on, on the march, they kept silent, so that he could have the sleep he needed. They rubbed his limbs with strangesmelling compounds to make them supple; took him tó swim whenever there was a halt near a creek or river; drilled deeply into his mind that his body was a responsibility, to be honored and tended with all the care he could give it. It followed that their own Standard insensibly improved. The four on the lorry began to stand out among the teams for their smartness of carriage, their glowing health.

Ring-practice was the most difficult to attain. It was only possible on a two-night pitch, or when they camped early enough to put in a little work before a performance. They lost no chance. Those were Hugh's great moments, for they gave him Tinker.

Grooming was the purest happiness to him. Mrs. Crowe made him her slave by giving him a brush and currycomb for his own use, so that he might not be kept waiting—she was quick to realize that the boy would stand little chance among the busy grooms. They liked him, but at grooming-time it was every man for himself. Hugh's hours with the black pony were the most joyous of his day.

He learned what grooming meant. There was no scamping in the Circus methods, where thorough attention was necessary for horses herded together in a small space, if they were to be healthy. "You give your Tinker