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joyed dancing back into the ring to make his bow to the shouting crowd. But it was the game itself that he loved, and his delighted smiles as he dodged Joey round Big Dan were real smiles.

He found life very happy. It was full of work, but such work as he loved. Always there was new interest and excitement in finding his new powers and planning what to do with them, with Jeff and Carl and Micky to see that he remained a commonsense little boy. They were alert for any symptom of "swelled head," prepared to deal promptly with it. It did not come. Indeed, Hugh's mental attitude was one of constant astonishment at being a useful member of the band. He could never realize that it was he, Hugh Russell, who was able to make people laugh: and he sometimes wondered if he would wake up in his little bed in the house among the appletrees and find that it had all been just a queer dream.

Mother did not seem so near him now. He missed her sometimes, especially when he was just going to sleep, though generally he was too tired to remember. Then it occurred to him that she had only come to look after him when things were hard: now that he was happy he supposed she just went on being an angel. But she would come if he needed her again. He never doubted that.

And he had Nita again. That delightful fact had come after he was established as a performer, no longer a roustabout. Promotion had reopened to him the doors of the blue caravan.

It was one afternoon, as he led Tinker out of the Big