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Graham's act. Not much to begin with, but the Boss never does give much until he sees how a man shapes. I'll show him I can ride!"

"I bet you will. What about your tent-work?"

'Tm leaving that to any other chap that wants it. No more for me. Hugh, I've got what I was waiting for. Got my foot in the ring at last. You're a mascot, all right. I always knew you'd bring me luck!"

"Me! Why, I didn't have anything to do with it. I'm jolly glad, though."

"It's all through you. I might have gone on being a tent-hand for ages if you hadn't come on like you did. What chance has a hand to get in with the Boss? He didn't know I was alive!"

"Well, I never heard such bosh!" said Hugh. "Where would I have been but for you, I'd like to know? You put me up to things from the very first, or I'd probably

have been in a Boys' Home now. You—you " To

Jeff's astonishment his eyes filled with tears. "You were so jolly good to me!" he brought out with difficulty.

"Well, we'11 stop tellin' each other what nice chaps we are, an' go an' let Micky hear the big news," Jeff said, gruffly, letting a hand fall on his shoulder. "Teil you what, Hugh, next thing we'11 do is to put our backs into gettin' Micky a rise. He's too good for the tent-work. An', anyhow, we can't move on without him."

"Rather not!" Hugh had recovered himself. "Micky could do heaps of things in the ring. He's as funny as Joey when he plays the fooi!"